Smart devices already communicate, why shouldn’t we?

  • We believe in the potential of bringing multiple disciplines together, especially law and technology, through collaboration and knowledge exchange, in an audience that is not as such limited to students.
  • The positive social impact is multidimensional:
    • Students: it improves the skill sets and employability of the students.
    • Innovation: it increases the likelihood of concrete solutions at the intersection of those fields to be developed in the future.
    • Society: it encourages a new generation to lead by example by no longer being afraid to cross disciplinary boundaries.
  • We aim to fill a gap in Maastricht through an independent initiative because the (university) institutions are taking too long to create an interdisciplinary environment for students and staff (Note: we are not affiliated with the university).
  • We believe in ‘doing’ as much as ‘thinking’ and our community should be actively involved whenever possible. In other words, entrepreneurial mindset and hands-on activities should be encouraged.

In brief, let’s start talking, learning and creating.


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