Technolawgeeks is an interdisciplinary community of students, academic staff, and entrepreneurs interested in the overlap between the fields of law and technology. Technolawgeeks was born from the need for an initiative to bring closer those with different knowledge backgrounds to tackle current problems together. We saw an interaction gap between both academic fields that needed to be bridged, and decided to take matters into our own hands and do so by organizing events that would also foster the creation of a community. Co-founded by Caroline Calomme (alumna, former Law lecturer, founder of Legal Hackers Brussels), Arturo Sanchez Barbado (student DKE/SBE/Law), and Catalina Goanta (Assistant Professor Private Law & Tech), Technolawgeeks’ motto is ‘Smart devices already communicate, why shouldn’t we?‘.

Caroline Calomme, the multitasker

Currently: Product Manager Connected Car Services
Previously: Lecturer, Maastricht Faculty of Law
Personality: #curious #impatient #idealistic
Most likely to say: I have an idea, why haven’t we tried this before?
Free time: food enthusiast

Arturo Sánchez Barbado, the interdisciplinary student

Studies: Knowledge Engineering, European Law, Information and Network Economics
Favourite word: proactivity
Things he likes: burritos, the rain, musicals, thinking the day has over 24 hours
Things he dislikes: quitting, people that complain about boredom, humblebragging

Catalina Goanta, the gamer

Work: Assistant Professor, Maastricht University, researcher & education developer
Off work: Skyrim, Xcom II and cake
Most likely to say: Learn always in all ways.


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