Student ambassadors


Valentin Calomme

My name is Valentin and I was born and raised in Brussels. Before starting university at Maastricht University, I took a gap year in the United States. I have a bachelor degree in Knowledge Engineering and am currently doing a master’s in Data Science. I have always been passionate about mathematics and technology because I strongly believe that it can be the solution to many problems. I am thrilled about initiatives like Technolawgeeks because they look for a way to create change by using everyone’s expertise in an unconventional way.

Agata Meysner

Hello everyone! My name is Agata Meysner and I am a first year European Law School student. I was born and raised in Wrocław – a beautiful city in western Poland. In the last three years I have been a part of different youth organisations which brought me a lot of satisfaction and amazing memories. I believe that Technolawgy serves a truly unique purpose which should be introduced to many more people! I am very excited to be a part of this initiative

Carmen Zarco Lens

My name is Carmen Zarco Lens, I am 21 years old, and I come from Spain. I studied Knowledge Engineering at Maastricht University and I am currently studying the master of Data Science for Decision Making. Even though most of my studies have focused on mathematics and computer sciences I have done a minor in Entrepreneurship and also a course in Marketing at Manchester University as one of my favorite things of what I study is that it can be combined with many different disciplines. This is also the main reason why I decided to join this association since it offers an amazing opportunity to learn more about the importance of Law in combination with technology.

Elena Villarin

I am Elena and I am a second year European Law student with a background in communication, languages, teaching and conflict resolution. Next to my studies I works as the promotion coordinator for a non-profit organisation and I am part of the core team of the Maastricht University Ambassador Lecture Series project. Moreover, I enjoy volunteering in several programmes such as the International Student Ambassador’s Programme, TEDxMaastricht or YO!Fest 2017. As a ‘technolawgeeker’, I am is eager and motivated to contribute to the student community by spreading the word about a project that truly inspires me.


Catherine Altobelli

I am Catherine Altobelli and I am a second-year European Law School student. I am half Italian and half English, but I grew up in Italy. I come from the north-east of Italy on the coast, quite close to the beautiful city of Trieste. Besides being a Technolawgy Student Ambassador, I am an active member of Amnesty International Maastricht Students and a very active law student. The field of law I like the most is private law, in particular I am fascinated by the legal complexities in the field of art.

Thomas Devine

My name is Thomas and I am a second year law student. Up until my last year of high school I always wanted to become a software developer. This has made me interested both in law and in tech innovation, and fascinated about how the two can be merged together and used to make access to law easier. With this, I will be helping out the Technolawgeeks team by being an ambassador and spreading the word about their latest events taking place!

Megi Pengili

My name is Megi Pengili. I am 20 years old and I come from Albania. I am currently in my second year at the European Law School (English Track). I decided to be part of Technolawgeeks as a student ambassador because I believe that an understanding of the relationship between law and technology is very important for anyone who aspires to become a ’21st century lawyer’. This will also give me the chance to put the knowledge I have gained from my studies in law into a broader perspective, which is very interesting!