A yearly two-week bonanza of law and technology events taking place all over Maastricht, aimed at community building, creative thinking and inspiration spreading.

Events in the network

If you want to follow the law and technology scene at European and international level, follow our network and know where the magic is happening and who is behind it.

Ideathons and hackathons

We want to bring our community of students in contact with amazing researchers and down-to-earth professionals who can bridge different disciplines and different angles of looking at law and technology questions – and all of this in a creative atmosphere!

Working paper series

There are many academic sources for technology and law, but what we bring is new: the opportunity for students to engage in research and publish their papers while communicating their findings to the world in a user-friendly way.


Regular blog posts introducing current topics at the intersection of law and technology. Written for readers from all backgrounds. Short. To the point. No legalese.


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