Tech words for dummies

Law Without Walls

With the motto ‘Smart devices already communicate, so why shouldn’t we?’, Technolawgeeks aims to bring together enthusiasts and experts from technology, law and entrepreneurship and create a forum where anyone interested in these fields can get to know about recent developments or even the relevant basics. Seeing how technology is changing our society at an ever-growing pace, we believe its complex implications cannot be understood, researched or valorized in a vacuum, but with real interdisciplinary.

Pim Betist, CEO VraagHugo

Alexandra Diaconiuc, Founder @ Clear-Chain

Team Consense, winning team at the Brightlands Smart Services Hack4SmartServices Hackathon

Felix Schülte-Strathaus, video on Law Without Walls project at the University of Miami

Valentin Calomme & Arturo Sánchez Barbado, Tech buzz words for dummies


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